Pregnancy Dialogues™ Facilitator Training

With Henrik Norholt, PhD and Raylene Phillips, MD

Pregnancy Dialogues™ Facilitator Training

Pregnancy Dialogues™ is a small-group, focused program that promotes prenatal attachment and normal physiological birth, facilitated by non-mental health professionals

8-Hour Facilitator Training Course

In the past 6 years, approximately 300 mothers have successfully completed the Pregnancy Dialogues ™ program in Europe resulting in improved maternal and infant outcomes. A primary focus of the program is to promote safety, trust and support within group of pregnant mothers/gestational parents. Reflective discussions are facilitated to explore family, partner, and infant attachment topics tailored to the individual stages of each mother’s pregnancy during 6 small group sessions with 4-6 pregnant mothers. The program also introduces tools to support mothers in creating mother-baby connections during and in between each session.

In this facilitator training course, you will learn how to facilitate a Pregnancy Dialogues ™ circle of support in your area. This training is not designed for mental health professionals and mental health training is not required to be a Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator; however, it is ideal if you have had some experience in facilitating group discussions.  This training will give you tools to support pregnant mothers/gestational parents in helping them to:

      • Connect to this pregnancy and this baby
      • Practice relaxation with breathing exercises and a special song for their baby
      • Learn to become aware of the baby’s movements
      • Have a dialogue with the baby and feel the baby’s reaction
      • Connect to themselves as a mother
      • Connect to their new family dynamics and life after birth

A research component will be part of this training to help assess maternal and birth outcomes.  As a Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator, you will be given all the tools you need to lead the sessions and participate in the research component, if you wish. Informal follow-up data have already demonstrated:

        • Recovery from past trauma
        • Decreased pregnancy and birth-related anxiety
        • Reciprocal emotional connection with the unborn baby
        • Low rates of premature births
        • Increased confidence in knowing their babies before and after birth
        • More optimum postpartum period
        • Strong mutually supportive relationships among the group participants

Everyone who successfully completes the 8 hour training will receive a Certificate of Completion


Now Introducing a Global Tiered Pricing structure for APPPAH’s Pregnancy Dialogues™ Facilitator Training!

In an effort to make our program more accessible, equitable and available to our growing global community, we are proud to be able to offer tiered pricing to match the economic profile of the country you live in. Simply select the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 price plan based on where you currently live in the world:

Tier 1 pay $498

Tier 2 pay $ 299

Tier 3 pay  $189

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Henrik Norholt, PhD

Dr. Norholt’s primary research focus is on developing and implementing simple and workable interventions to support parents’ capacity to connect physically and emotionally with their infant. These activities are conducted through an international network of researchers and clinicians within psychology, pediatrics, orthopedics, breastfeeding medicine, home-health visiting and midwifery. Dr. Norholt’s research spans a wide range of scientific topics, including child and adult brain and hormonal adaptation, attachment theory, perinatal stress and resilience processes, and child socio-emotional regulation, and outcome measures focusing on attachment and long-term parental and child physiological and psychological health.

Raylene Phillips, MD, MA, IBCLC

Dr. Phillips has a master’s degree in Developmental Psychology with a focus on bonding and attachment.  She is the past President of the National Perinatal Association (NPA) and the current President of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). As a neonatologist, Dr. Phillips enjoys many opportunities to welcome new babies into the world.  Her passion is to honor and nurture the earliest connections between babies and their parents.

Session One Recording

Introduction to Pregnancy Dialogues ™

Scientific Rationale for Course Development


  • 1. 5 hour recording available upon registration
  • Please view before live session
birth psychology practitioners
birth psychology practitioners

Session Two Recording

Introduction to Pregnancy Dialogues ™ 

Evidence-based Course Content

  • 1.5 hour recording available upon registration
  • Please view before live session


Session Three Live Virtual

Live, Virtual Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator Course


birth psychology practitioners
birth psychology practitioners

Session Four Follow Up

Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Follow-up Live Virtual Session 

  • Date and Time TBD 
  • Q & A
  • Support for facilitators 

Tier 1 pay 100%

enrollment fee $498

Tier 2 pay 60%

enrollment fee $ 299

Tier 3 pay  38%

enrollment fee $189

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How can I access this class?

This is an online workshop which requires access to Zoom in order to participate. Once you are registered, you will be able to access the recorded sessions immediately by logging into Your Courses in the Learning Center.

An email reminder will be sent prior to each live session with a Zoom link for access.

Will recordings be available after the live sessions?
Yes, recordings will be available to session registrants only within the course.
What time zone will the course be using?
All live session times are for United States Eastern time zone.
Are refunds available?
Live Virtual Workshop Refund Policy: Refunds are available 30 days prior to the start of the live virtual workshop, minus a $25 administrative fee.  There will be no refunds available after the start date of the workshop. Recordings will be available for viewing after each session.