Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator Training


In this facilitator training course you will learn how to facilitate a Pregnancy Dialogues ™ circle of support in your area. Receive training for how to help mothers:

  • Connect to this pregnancy and this baby
  • Practice relaxation with breathing exercises and a special song for the baby
  • Be aware of the baby’s movements
  • Have a dialogue with the baby and feel the baby’s reaction
  • Connect to themselves as mother
  • Connect to their new family dynamics and life after birth



Gain a powerful tool to help improve pregnancy and birth outcomes~ Become a certified Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator

In this facilitator training course, you will learn how to facilitate a  circle of support in your area. 

Everyone who completes the 8-hour training will receive an official Pregnancy Dialogues ™ Facilitator Certificate