Ask KT: July 2024 C-section




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Lecture on C-Section Births: Psychological Imprints and Healing

C-sections are increasingly common, with some hospitals exclusively practicing this method. However, C-sections disrupt the natural hormonal physiology between mother and baby and interfere with the baby’s initiation of the birth process. Unlike vaginal births, where the baby actively participates, C-sections place the birth entirely under the control of medical staff.

This lack of participation affects the perinatal brain, as it does not experience the unique pressures and challenges of a vaginal birth. The surgical and invasive nature of a C-section imparts distinct psychological imprints on the child.

Karlton will explore the short- and long-term psychological impacts of C-sections on children and discuss healing methods through awareness, play therapy, and adaptive measures during family transitions. Join us to learn how to address and mitigate these imprints for healthier developmental outcomes.