Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program

Womb Ecology becomes World Ecology!

Investing in the PPNE program brings you a high level of value for both your personal and professional growth.

New & Revised  Certified PPNE Training Course!

APPPAH’s Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Course celebrates 10 years training professionals in the principles of Birth Psychology.

This course creates a new professional who is equipped to transform the way we support and experience birth through understanding implicit memory and the science of nurture. Being a Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) or a PPNE informed Practitioner means you understand how birth imprints are formed, how they positively or negatively influence the trajectory of a person’s development, and how you can support parents and babies to integrate these imprints in positive ways.

This course is ideal for any professional who supports fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and adults or children in need of re-patterning their earliest experiences in life.

The new and revised modules include:

  • 12 MODULES founded upon the 12 Guiding Principles of Birth Psychology developed by Dr. Wendy Anne McCarty and Dr. Marti Glenn
  • Over 180 Contact Hours
  • Personal Mentorship from professionals practicing the principles of birth psychology
  • Somatic Practices for Autonomic Nervous System Regulation
  • Self-Reflective Exercises to Practice Embodiment Skills
  • Digital Library to Access Required Reading Assignments
  • Monthly Facilitated Meet-up Groups
  • Year Long Enrollment into APPPAH’s Premier Membership Program
  • Student Discounts to APPPAH courses and programs
  • Cutting-edge science in the frontier of Consciousness
  • Wisdom from multicultural perspectives
  • Voices from women across the globe

    “After years of working as a mental health counselor, I felt a growing need to work pro-actively to help prevent trauma. APPPAH provided the foundation for this. It became very clear how to prevent trauma in the earliest stages of life. I am able to help my clients heal at a deeper level, while also clearing family lineages, to stop transgenerational trauma.  The program was beyond educational. It was truly enlightening.” — Elizabeth Wasserman, Psychologist, Chicago, IL

    The curriculum is designed to teach dedicated health professionals, psychologists, birth workers, body workers, educators, doctors, and parents evidence-based practices, philosophies, and therapies that nurture Human Potential and optimize the healthiest trajectory for developing babies. This Educator Certificate Course addresses the current maternal-infant health care crisis, which is intimately intertwined with the rise of technocratic practices and obstetrical intervention in the birth setting, racial inequalities, intergenerational and generational trauma, and the lack of recognition of basic human rights of the (un)born, mother, and families.

    Modules Listed in Chronological Order:

    Module 1: Foundations of Pre and Perinatal Psychology

    Module 2: Histories & Theories of Pre and Perinatal Psychology

    Module 3: Neuroscience & Epigenetics

    Module 4: Consciousness & Cellular Memory

    Module 5: Parenting Styles

    Module 6: Psycho-Emotional Developmental Stages of Humans

    Module 7: Communication through Cultural Impacts

    Module 8: Prenatal Bonding & Attachment

    Module 9: Special Situations: ART, Surrogacy, Adoption

    Module 10: Resolving & Healing

    Module 11:Underlying Patterns of Birth

    Module 12: Professional Support & Ethics

    This course is suitable for:

    • Psychotherapists
    • Social workers
    • Birth Professionals
    • Mind-Body Health Coaches
    • Early Intervention Professionals
    • Neonatal Professionals
    • Somatic Therapists
    • Music Therapists
    • Postpartum Professionals
    • Parent Educators
    • Graduate Students
    • Researchers

    … anyone who wants to make a difference in the world!

    birth psychology practitioners

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    How can I access this class?

    This is a self-paced online course, once you have registered, you will immediately have access to the course curriculum in our Learning Center.