What is Monday LIVE?

Monday LIVE! is a live, interactive presentation and discussion with pioneers and professionals from the Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health field, enabled by Zoom. It’s also a showcase for the experiences, discoveries and explorations that our Prenatal and Perinatal Educator (PPNE) graduates and student-practitioners are making around the world.

 Monday LIVE! always occurs on Mondays at noon Eastern US time (New York) and lasts for an hour. Reminders about the topic of the week, the URL for joining the call is sent to all active students and mentors, as well as those who choose to purchase the series for $179 per 40+ presentations. One can join at any time.

 The series begins in September and completes at the end of July.

 The first Monday of the month is JOIN THE CONVERSATION, open to the public LIVE and available for individual purchase within the week following. On the fifth Monday of any month, if there is a fifth Monday, we rest.

 If you missed the LIVE call, and are a PPNE student or have paid for the series, please login, open your Monday LIVE course and go to the recording posted within the week after the presentation.

 For more information, or if your access is not working, please contact [email protected]