Understanding Early Imprints: Memory and The Conscious Baby

  • The Conscious Baby Principles: 10 Principles to Live By ~ These 10 Principles are a great way to create a container for your audiences to understand our paradigm in a simple way.
  • How Imprints Happen: Memory and the Conscious Baby~ In this presentation, we narrate a holistic model of somatic memory, and how memory gets stories in the body.
  • Three main skill sets to support baby consciousness and teaching this material to audiences: Holding Space, Listening and Including the Baby.
  • Exercises to support you in your work with families such as:
  • Creating a Welcoming Safe Space
  • Resources
  • The Sequence: Packing for a Trip to evoke the Birth Sequence
  • Love Break for Mom and Baby
  • and a Video: The Baby Tells a Story

Detailed bibliography provided here: Bibliography References From The Brain

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