How were you conceived, nurtured and received into the world? with Binnie Dansby

The way we bring forth new life is an expression of how we view life itself. Bonding and attachment are a biological fact. Humans have been separating mothers from their babies when both are most vulnerable, breaking the bond when it is most crucial for their impression of Life on Planet Earth. We remember! Standard medical protocols are responsible for rushing and disrupting the most natural of human processes, the physiological, psychological, and spiritual bond that leads to healthy attachment. Separation engenders fear and confusion causing the new arrival to decide; “It is not safe here, I have done something wrong, I have no choice, Am I alone and separate?” Connection in consciousness gets lost in the chaos of clashing belief systems, when all we have to do is bring our attention to the perfect union of Mother and Child, and honor and nurture that union. That is the key to healing birth and healing the earth. The quality of birth affects the quality of life, and, in turn, impacts and shapes the quality of society. It is urgent for our very survival that we turn our attention to the redesign of birthing education and birthing practices. There is a direct connection between how mothers and babies are treated during gestation and birth and their fear of the body and ‘the other’.

Binnie A Dansby is an inspiring teacher, counsellor, healer, author, and philosopher, specializing in prenatal and perinatal psychology. She is the creator of a personal and professional development system, SOURCE Process and Breathwork, which she has taught in 3-year, self-development trainings in England, Germany, Denmark and Estonia for over 30 years. She is known worldwide for her empowering work on ecstatic birth and ecstatic life…how the impact of birth and the original intimacy affects our life and relationships. Amongst other publications, Binnie’s work is included in ‘Pre and Perinatal Psychology: An Introduction’ by Thomas R Verny, 1987 (founder of APPPAH) and ‘The Complete Breath, A Professional Guide’ by Jim Morningstar, 2012. Binnie is the co-author of ‘The Creation Code – Revealing and Healing the Impact of Your Source Experience’. In her life and work Binnie has been profoundly inspired by A Course in Miracles, Tibetan Buddhism and the teachings of Mikael Aivanhov.