14. Nina Ketscher: Interactive Discussion on the 3 Paradigms of Birth and Health Care

Interactive Discussion on the 3 Paradigms of Birth and Health Care

Robbie has rescheduled her presentation for February 22, 2020.

We had a rich interactive global discussion about the 3 paradigms – the technocratic, humanistic, and holistic paradigms of birth and health care.

As a result of this discussion, requests for more interactive discussions poured in from those who participated, and plans for more opportunities to connect APPPAH’s community together in this way are being created.


Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD describes the three major global paradigms of birth and health care–the technocratic, humanistic, and holistic models of medicine and health care. Central to each paradigm is its definition of the body. The globally dominant technocratic model defines the body as a machine in need of technological intervention and repair. The humanistic model, on the rise in many countries, defines the body as an organism in need of emotional and physiological support, and stresses the need for prevention of illness and complications and for treating birthing women with kindness and respect. The highly alternative holistic model defines the body as an energy field and stresses the need for creating full mind-body-spirit wellness.

About Nina Ketscher, MA, PhDc, PPNE

Nina Ketscher is the Director of Education for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) and a graduate and mentor of APPPAH’s Prenatal & Perinatal Educator certification program (PPNE). She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Somatic Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and lived and studied Eastern Wisdoms for 5 years in India. Nina works with babies, children and their families to nurture healthy connections with themselves, in relationship with each other, and guides them with practical ways to navigate, with greater peace and ease, the challenging world we live in. Nina worked as a Health Coach Educator at an Integrative and Functional Medicine Pediatric clinic in the US, where she profoundly experienced the health benefits of integrating functional medicine with somatic and prenatal and perinatal psychology. With this experience, Nina sees a greater need for Prenatal and Perinatal Educators (PPNE) to be integrated throughout the medical, mental and behavioral health, and educational systems. Originally from California, Nina resides in Leipzig, Germany with her husband and her 6 year old son. Nina believes through expanding our view to include the babies perspective of conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and integrate the fields of functional medicine and somatic and prenatal and perinatal psychology, we will nurture new generations of strong, conscious and loving children, and parents, equipped to face the challenges of our modern and unstable world. Connect directly with her at [email protected] or [email protected].