Week One

Opening Ceremony & Four Baskets with Catherine Lightfoot, CPM

The Sacred Sojourn of the Unborn with William Emerson, PhD

The Ties that Bond: The Foundational Origins of BondingAttachment with Kelduyn Garland, PhD, DD

Conscious Communication and Effects on Imprinting with Prenatal Bonding with Carol McLellan, CMT, CST-D, CD

Week Two

Bonding as a Couple to Provide a Supportive Foundation for Baby with Stephanie Dueger, PhD, LPC

Calm Birth: Prenatal Meditation for a Lifelong Bond with Anna Humphreys, MSW, Adrienne Bergthold & Naima Bond, M.Ed

Pregnancy Dialogues™ – Group-based Prenatal Bonding Intervention with Henrik Norholt, PhD

The Miraculous Bond™: Conscious Practices to Support and Empower a Mother’s Ability to Create and Nurture Strong and Healthy Babies and Children with Nina Ketscher, MA, PhDc, PPNE, CEIM


Week Three

Partner’s Perspective on Prenatal Bonding: Panel Discussion

Birth’s Impact on the Bonding Process with Lynn Schulte, PT

Why Are Lullabies Universal with Giselle Whitwell, RMT, CPPI

Prenatal Bonding from a Personal Perspective with Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD

Week Four

Outstanding Results with Prenatal Bonding (BA) with Anne Goertz-Schroth and Barbara Decker, PPNE, PBBA, CLD

How to Shelter a Pregnancy: Meet your Unborn Inside the Womb with Gerhard Schroth, MD

Pregnancy Through the Eyes of a PPN Practitioner with Shana Walt

Cultural Perspectives on Prenatal Bonding: Panel Discussion

Bonus Content

Closing Ceremony & 2 Movies, 3 Children and Deep Personal Work with Stephen Gyllenhaal

Prenatal Bonding – A Doctor’s Insight with Nitika Sobti, OBGYN, PPNE

Bonus Video 1: The Felt Sense of Connection in Families & Relationships with Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Bonus Video 2: Prenatal Meditation and Evolution: The Calm Birth Method with Robert Bruce Newman

Bonus Video 3: The Quality of Prenatal Life Shapes Nations: Simple Cultural Changes. toSeed Meaningful Futures with Joel Evans, MD

Bonus Video 4: Safe in the Arms of Love with Lisa Rafel

Bonus Video 5: The Somatic Blueprint™ Approach to the PPN World –An Overview With Ray Castellino

Bonus Video 6: Consciousness in the Preconception Period with Karen Melton



About the 2021 Prenatal Bonding Summit

Originally presented live online in March of 2021, this Summit features over 18 World Class Speakers from around the globe who present leading edge Prenatal Bonding best practices and information in Birth Psychology.

24 video recordings 60-90 minutes in length

By knowing the scienceand learning some very simple practices

YOU will make a HUGE difference in the lives of moms, babies, and families!

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