Class 1 June 21 Noon EDT: Moving Inward, An Introduction to the Inner Child Journey

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Welcome to Journey through Parenting! Our course over the next 5 weeks will provide you with the latest research and therapeutic tools to provide systemic change within you and your family dynamics, or classroom. This class is experiential and meant to provide you with a path to deeper self-discovery and understanding of how you arrived with your parenting beliefs and why you behave the way you do in response to your children’s behaviors. Our world needs connected relationships more than ever. Healing is a journey not a destination, our work is ongoing, and with the right tools to navigate, we find it’s an incredible journey of self discovery. Together we can pave the way towards a new future. 

Class 1 Topics:

  • Inner Child Journey: Learning the Five Steps
  • Circle of Safety
  • Naming Emotional Needs
  • Somatic Awareness Skills
  • Defining Autonomic Nervous System Regulation Skills

Class 2 June 28 Noon EDT: Holding Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, yet many of us struggle to actually move through and work through negative stress in sustainable ways. Learning to navigate adversity and regulate stress in our bodies and minds is the most important skill we can learn, and it’s an ongoing process.

Class 2 Topics

  • States of the autonomic nervous system: social, sympathetic, and the parasympathetic
  • Definition of unresolved trauma and impact of trauma on the nervous system
  • Implicit memory and “triggers”
  • Regulation exercises to manage stress and shift states of being in the nervous system 


Class 3 July 5 Noon EDT: Stuck in the Past: Growing Our Inner Voices of Wisdom

Week 3 builds upon everything we have learned about the autonomic nervous system and how our emotional needs feed into the actual states our nervous system takes on to function, while taking into consideration our Inner Dialogue, otherwise known as our Ego. We look at how our ego may be disconnecting us from our child’s needs based on our own unmet needs.

Class 3 Topics:

  • Developmental Stages of Babies, Children & Adolescents
  • How the brain stores memory and build narratives
  • The Inner Critic
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Compassionate Communication Skills
  • Boundary Setting


Class 4 July 12 Noon EDT: Creating Coherent Narratives: Meeting Unmet Needs from the Past

All humans have egos, or the Inner Dialogue, that tells stories based on our past experiences. This module addresses how to bring awareness to the Inner Dialogue and separate from this voice.  Through this process of building vagal tone and resiliency in the nervous system, we have the ability to witness the stories before we react to them. We can learn to pause between stimulus and our response mechanism. We can learn to map feelings to our emotional responses and discover our core emotional needs.

Class 4 Topics:

  • Emotions versus Feelings
  • 5 Rites of Passage for a Developing Infant, Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult as defined by Robin Grille
  • Four Sensitive Parenting Topics: Sleep, Transition Times, Eating, Potty Training

Class 5 July 19 Noon EDT: Cultivating Resilience: The Journey Moving Forward

The last module integrates everything from previous modules and allows for parents/caretakers to share stories, ask questions, and reflect upon what they have learned in class. We spend considerable time practicing body psychotherapy techniques.

Class 5 Topics:

  • Embodiment Exercises to bring about healing
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Mantras for Inner Child Healing
  • Tools to Reparent Ourselves

Christianna Deichmann, PPNE, BCST

Christianna integrates craniosacral therapy, massage, and prenatal and perinatal psychology into her psychosomatic therapy practice based in Charlottesville, Virginia and online. Her work embraces today’s movement towards Consciousness and the merging of science and spirituality. She is the Director of Programs & Education at APPPAH. Her passion has always centered on nurturing whole brain functionality, invoking resilience and courage to evolve and step into a higher level of consciousness. Becoming a parent initiated her desire to help change how the world welcomes babies and rears children.

“I love uniting science and spiritual wisdom together to better understand the invisible dynamics of life, relationships, suffering, and health. My experiences draw from Eastern and Western medicine traditions, as well as esoteric teachings. Awareness is the first step to healing, and this book is one way I can participate in the revolutionary paradigm shift taking place in our world right now by helping parents discover how their past defines the present in their Family Field. I help parents explore how deeper self-understanding helps raise children who thrive.”

Emily McCrea, Teach thru Love Certified Practitioner

“I am a mother, teacher, teacher-mentor, certified TEACH through Love conscious parent-coach, certified Inner Child Process practitioner, progressive education consultant, and an international speaker. I am a trans youth ally, play-maker, emotional interpreter, and fierce advocate for children’s rights. I am the creator of Rebel Shift Childhood. Rebel Shift Childhood provides cutting-edge emotional and behavioral information, tools, and support for individuals in homes, in schools, and in communities. Emotional intelligence, self-expression, and real engagement are essential for meaningful and relevant learning, yet they are often missing in homes and in both alternative and traditional education systems.

The courses, workshops, and support I provide are intensive and carefully developed to nurture greatly-needed tools in order to problem-solve, develop authentic communication, heal the past, and foster harmony within homes and communities.”

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