Lecture One- Birth Pathway Presence Part I: A Sojourn into Birth Spirituality and Wounding

In this basic introduction to birth stages, Dr. Emerson describes Birth Pathway Presence (BPP), a method of treating birth trauma during infancy he developed over 40 years ago. Using this treatment modality, he has trained thousands of professionals worldwide how to understand embodied spirituality as a legitimate aspect of every birth, often lost in medicalized birth, but recoverable during birth sojourns using BPP. Dr. Emerson will describe how parents can use this approach with their own babies and children to treat birth trauma and heal spiritual wounding.


Lecture Two- Birth Pathway Presence Part II: Encountering Three Stages of Birth to Enable Spirituality and Human Potential

In this advanced description of Birth Pathway Presence (BPP), Dr. Emerson reviews basic techniques of BPP and teaches advanced techniques on reconstruction of birth and reconnection to spirituality. He discusses the psychological correlates and impacts of each birth stage and describes how parents can use BPP to prevent their own traumas from erupting before or during childbirth as well as how they can use BPP with their babies to treat trauma and heal spiritual wounding that may have occurred during birth. Dr. Emerson also describes more advanced BPP techniques, that can help to make parents, midwives, somatic practitioners, psychotherapists, trauma therapists, and other healing professionals more versatile in meeting the healing needs of newborns.


Lecture Three- Trauma and Shock: Essential Distinctions of Psychological Trauma

Dr. Emerson discusses the importance of distinguishing between trauma and shock (a more severe form of trauma) and how to make an accurate diagnosis in a prenatal and perinatal context. He describes with clear examples how differently they must be treated to prevent harm to clients and lead to therapeutic outcomes.


Lecture Four- Infant Birth Trauma: Prevention, Amelioration and Treatment

Dr. Emerson describes his own measurement system for diagnosing infant birth trauma. He also shares research by other trauma experts and describes their trauma measures. Dr. Emerson describes how infant birth trauma can be prevented and treat, and he will share a treatment process he has developed called Birth Pathway Presence that parents, birth practitioners, midwives, somatic practitioners, psychotherapists, trauma therapists, and other healing professionals can use to ameliorate birth trauma. He differentiates between using amelioration is an educational and gentle intervention tool for paraprofessionals and parents compared to treatment methods are designed for licensed health care personnel.


Lecture Five- Maternal Birth Trauma in Natural and Interventional Childbirth: Prevention and Treatment Considerations

Before the medicalisation of childbirth that began in the mid-twentieth century, women gave birth naturally out of necessity. But now, it’s a rare woman who does not encounter interventions during childbirth, and most women encounter many. Dr. Emerson’s lecture explains the outcomes of medicalised childbirth with science-based information and provides potential solutions.


William Emerson, PhD


Dr. William R. Emerson is a renowned workshop leader, writer, lecturer, and pioneer in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology. He is among the first in the world to develop prenatal and perinatal treatment methods for infants and children, is an expert in treatment methods for adults, and is recognized internationally for his contributions.

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