Pre and Perinatal Therapeutic Protocols & Implicit Memory Illumination

Class Meets Thursday January 11, 2024 at 2:00pm EST

In this Course, KT shares how to apply the BMR method to shine a light on the implicit memories that are somatically stored from one’s birth journey, and are invariably related to implicit memories that are constellated in the brain, and keep people stuck in unhealthy belief systems and behavior patterns. This course teaches how implicit memories arise in our clients when we bring our attention to their cicatrices* Participants will get to see KT demonstrate with fellow volunteers many standard Pre and perinatal healing techniques as well as more advanced protocols he has developed. 

Thank you for enrolling in the Birth Mask Reveal Level II Training! Now that you know how to do your own BMR diagrams, and especially important, now that you know how to read a BMR, the big question is SO WHAT?

Level II has been designed to suit your needs as a practitioner who is sensitive to the power of birth imprints and implicit memories. Remember, the BMR Training has never been done before! The BMR was only invented a year ago, so we are riding a new wave together. Your feedback helps shape the future of this valuable tool for initiating Pre & Perinatal therapy and holding your clients with deeper and more accurate empathy.

Every client’s psyche (baby, child, or adult) is eager to heal and evolve, and they wake up, and become cooperative and directive when we determine the prominent presenter. Karlton will teach you how to hover over the details of a BMR until the prominent presenter becomes clearer and more obvious. This is what he means by implicit memory illumination.

Once we have a clear solid direction, we are able to eliminate distractions and undertake the bidding of our client’ s psyche to resolve implicit memories that interfere with a person’s purpose, reducing their quality of life and slowing personal evolution. As this happens whether with a baby, child or adult, once the implicit memory is adequately illuminated, it begins to vibrate and loosen and weaken, and through many different types of therapy processes the clients can become released from hostage-taken neuronal networks and implicit memories.

The therapy techniques and protocols come from those I learned over the years working with Dr. William Emerson, from my own large tool kit, and are often spontaneously invented. In Level II you will see therapy in action. Some of you will be the direct beneficiary as a client, or as a practitioner receiving mentoring.

This course has 4 classes and we can do 2 sessions per class (except for the last class – a big Q&A day) for a total of 7 individual sessions. That means we need 7 volunteers from our participants. You can do our own personal work with KT (highly recommended); or you can offer a picture of your baby, child, or adult client to work with and see exactly the steps that are taken from the BMR, to recognition of the prominent presenter, to the therapeutic process, to the wind up and resourcing /homework protocols at the end. The volunteers will be chosen based on a first come first serve basis.

You will learn how to hover over the imprints so that they rise up from the photograph.

We highly recommend for class that you prepare for the class and enrich your journey by:

  1. reading Karlton’s book, New Parenting Can Change Your World
  2. make and have ready an LSP (balled up sock and a rubber band will do)
  3. optional but good idea (doll and pelvis set from Childbirth Graphics link here)
  4. water and resources handy (chocolate, healthy snacks or cookies)
  5. you should consider getting your own BMR with KT (50% discount for our students, only $150 for 1 1/2 hr. session + video record of your session + your own copy of the BMR diagrams that you make with Karlton)
  6. things might come up or you might get activated at some level, so consider some extra support from your therapist or from Karlton personally (40% discount for our students only $200 per 1 1/2 hr. session)
  7. We are also organizing Pre and Perinatal Mentorship Groups Supervision w/ KT, details will be covered more in class

Classes Meet:

Thursday, January 11th 2-5pm EDT

Thursday, January 25th 2-5pm EDT

Thursday, February 8th 2-5pm EDT

Thursday, February 22nd 2-5pm EDT

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3 hours

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Karlton Terry

Karlton is one of the world’s leading baby therapists and instructors. His courses are now being taught across Europe, Australia and the US where he supervises and continues to influence some of the preeminent baby therapists of this generation. Now he wants to share the gifts of Accurate Empathy, Baby Body Language, Somato-magnetism, and the Birth Mask Reveal (BMR) with practitioners and parents in the Americas. A “birth mask” is what we see in the face of a baby, especially a newborn, or in the features formed by birth that are still apparent in an adult face. It is always called a birth mask, no matter what the age, because the causative dynamics were compression and drag forces from birth. The mask-making outcome of cranial and facial molding, when properly and empathically studied, reveals a person’s birth story, and shines a bright light on how birth, such as any intense experience, shapes and molds one’s nature and character.

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