APPPAH LIVE! 2022 Recordings of Compassionate Birth Practices

Four full recordings of 2022 APPPAH Live! that reflect the theme of Compassionate Birth Practices. These webinars feature cutting-edge content from thought leaders in prenatal and perinatal psychology. Recordings include:

  • Physiological Birth: The Foundation of Love, Connection and Health with Janet Balaskas, founder Active Birth

  • Exploring Birth Psychology with Moriah Melin RM, CPM – Weaving Pre- and Perinatal Psychology into Birth & Midwifery Practice
  • Bonding Therapy with Toni Madrid, Ph.D. 

  • Healing Arts and Midwifery with Susana Tapia León, Medicine Woman, Sound Healer, and Midwife

A Collection of JOPPPAH's Most Influential Articles Over the Past 40 Years

10 JOPPPAH articles hand selected by APPPAH’s team that review 40 years of evidence-based practices that work. The Journal for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (JOPPPAH) publishes research and clinical articles from the cutting edge of the science of prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. The journal, published continuously since 1986, is dedicated to the in-depth exploration of human reproduction and pregnancy and the mental and emotional development of the unborn and newborn child.

Celebrating 40 Years of APPPAH

In honor of APPPAH’s 40th Anniversary, this learning bundle has been assembled to look back in review as we continue to forge ahead bringing awareness to the world of compassionate birth practices that work. In this package, you will find four APPPAH LIVE! recordings that emphasize compassionate practices during the prenatal and postnatal time periods that support health for baby and birthing parents and 12 JOPPPAH articles that span the past 40 years, revealing evidence-based research about compassionate birth practices.

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