Birthing a New World:
Creating Compassionate
Birth Models that Work 


Welcome to APPPAH’s  2024 Birth Psychology Month Recording Package

Birthing a New World: Creating Compassionate Birth Models That Work

 30 Days | 30+ Worldwide Speakers | 12 Interviews | Bonus Presentations | Gifts & Promotions | Thought-Provoking | Paradigm-Shifting


You’re invited to Be the Change. Birth a New Paradigm. 

Reserve Your Access to the Full Collection of 12 Summit Recordings, Plus Gifts & Bonus Presentations Only Available with the Full Access Pass!


Join us and learn why Birth Psychology is important for professionals and for their clients

Learn how you can use birth psychology to help with parents in their family dynamics


Purchase ALL 12 recordings of the Summit plus BONUS GIFTS for only 

$75 during Birth Psychology Month (March 1 – March 31)
After March, the recording package will be $125
**APPPAH Premier Members Receive $50 Off Summit Recording Package

Bonus Presentations only available with Full Access Pass include some of APPPAH’s most popular lectures:

  • Conception: The Act of Incarnation with Jaap van der Wal, MD, PhD 

  • Embodiment before Birth with Maryanne Sea, MSW

  • Baby Therapy: An Interview with Karlton Terry

  • How Prenatal and Perinatal Trauma Shows Up in Adulthood with Valerie Montgomery, Professional Counselor

Summit Recordings Include:

~Opening Ceremony with Andrea Kalff, Doula, Shaman, Author

~Live Interview with Lynne McTaggart, Author, Change-Agent: A Bold New Vision for a New World 

~Panel Talk with Dr. Snehal Deshpande PT; MIAP:C/NDT;PGDHHM SI (Certified by USC/WPS) & Maryanne Sea, Intuitive, Teacher, Author: Wholeness in Fertility: Empowering Journeys with Heartfulness, Intuition and Intentional Practices

~Parent Testimonials on Healing with Psycho-Somatic Therapy Modalities for Preventing & Healing Birth Trauma

~Live Demonstration on Identity Development Healing Method with Stephen Gyllenhall, Movie Produce & Director of Identity Development Institute

~Experience a Yoga Inspired Mindfulness based Prenatal Bonding Practice with Santhija G

~Parent Testimonials of a New Paradigm Birth Preparation Class with Victoria Rose, Founder & Director of Luminescent Birth, APPPAH PPNE Graduate, Reiki Practitioner, & Massage Therapist

~Conscious Conception Journey with Jordan Bain, Director of Healing Boston, Kabbalah Instructor & Guide at the Modern Mystery School

~Panel of Wisdomkeepers of the Sacred Feminine: Hope Williams, Maternal Support Practitioner, CEO of Back to Roots: Holistic Wellness & Birthkeeping, Victoria Rose, PPNE, RMT, Reiki Practitioner & Dr. Sharon Love OB/GYN

~Panel Talk with Karlton Terry, Baby Therapist; Dani Perrecone, Brain Coach for In the Cortex; & Paloma Garcia Cruz, Brain Coach for In the Cortex: What is your baby telling you, and are you listening? 

~Personal Journey of Change-Agent Toni Harman, Film Producer & Director: The Microbiome Model of Care 

~Wholeperson Doula Postpartum Care Model with Darshna Parmar-Ayurvedic PostPartum Support

and so much more!!


Take-aways from Birth Psychology Month

  • Hear stories from courageous souls riding the tides of change
  • Engage in personal and planetary transformation
  • Celebrate transdisciplinary practices shaping the Pre and Perinatal Sciences
  • Support human potential and family connection
  • Encounter parents, birth professionals, health practitioners, therapists, sages, and change agents who make up the mandala of Humanity


Babies are way more than we think. Mothers deserve much more care than they receive. The world deserves better birth models.
Come learn how we can transform birth.


This summit is ideal for any parent seeking better birth models, any professional that supports fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and babies, and any individual who wants to learn how they can heal from their birth today
Professionals inclusive of but not limited to:




Lactation Consultants



Occupational Therapists



Craniosacral Therapists




How can I access this class?

This is an online workshop which requires access to Zoom in order to participate. Once you are registered, an email will be sent prior to each session with a Zoom link for access.

Will recordings be available after the live sessions?
Yes, recordings will be available to session registrants only within the course, for a limited time.
What time zone will the course be using?
All live session times are for United States Eastern time zone.
Are refunds available?
Live Virtual Workshop Refund Policy: Refunds are available 30 days prior to the start of the live virtual workshop, minus a $25 administrative fee.  There will be no refunds available after the start date of the workshop. Recordings will be available for viewing after each session.