Baby Therapy Day Clinic Course

The Baby Therapy Day Clinic Course took place at APPPAH’s 23rd International Congress in Denver, Colorado.

The team here at APPPAH is so excited to share this video package with you, because it offers a rare opportunity to view a pioneer in this field demonstrate a modality of therapy at the forefront of the prenatal and perinatal sciences; how to work with babies and help them process their birth and any events of overwhelm or trauma from the prenatal life and the birth.

The clinic takes place with Karlton Terry, who is one of the world’s leading baby therapists and instructors across Europe, Australia, South America and the U.S. He brings over 30 years of experience to this session.  

We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity and refer to the course notes on how you can obtain more information to deepen your understanding of the concepts unearthed in this video such as:

  • Baby Body LanguageTM that demonstrates hemispheric shunting of emotional grief
  • Umbilical Affect: how a baby absorbs toxins or emotions from its mother through the umbilical cord and the resulting postures held in the fascia, muscle tissue, and fluid field of the baby to cope or armor against overwhelming emotions
  • Jane Goodall Effect
  • Divine Homesickness and Twin Loss
  • Haunted Womb Syndrome
  • Tolerance Threshold
  • Prominent Presenter

The course includes a publication of Karlton that describes prenatal stress during times of crisis. For further reading, a participant can purchase a digital version of his Umbilical Affect manual he wrote if you would like to understand more about the anatomical and physiological functions of the umbilical cord and how the baby’s relationship with its cord creates life-long impacts on the child’s psyche. 

Join us for this rare opportunity to commemorate 40 years of cutting-edge content from APPPAH and 30 years of teachings from a legendary thought leader in the pre and perinatal sciences!

Karlton Terry 

Karlton is one of the world’s leading baby therapists and instructors. His courses are now being taught across Europe where he supervises and continues to influence some of the preeminent baby therapists of this generation. Now he wants to share the gifts of Accurate Empathy, Baby Body Language, Somato-magnetism, and the Birth Mask Reveal (BMR) with practitioners and parents in the Americas.


More about the video recordings

Overall, the video recording is approximately three hours split into two segments.

The first segment is an hour long session with mother and baby.

The second segment is a 2 hour debriefing during which Karlton explains the dynamics taking place with the baby and mother using terminology he has developed over the years in his own practice and as a student of Dr. William Emerson and Graham Farrant.

Karlton unpacks the psychological and physical imprints this baby shows us of his prenatal journey in the womb. Concepts such as Baby Body Language, Somato-magnetism, Umbilical Affect, Divine Homesickness, the Jane Goodall effect, and hemispheric shunting will be discussed amongst the participants who have the opportunity to ask questions and explore aspects of the therapeutic practices Karlton implements during the time shared with the mom and baby.

In the session, you will view how Karlton collects client history and pinpoints the Prominent Presenter issue for the baby, which is that he was conceived following a miscarriage that his mother deeply mourned. Karlton will guide participants through the Baby Body Language demonstrated by the demo baby, acknowledge implicit memories at play, and discuss the applied therapeutic protocols he uses and how they allow for neurologic, physiologic, and psychological systems of the baby to evolve. This type of baby therapy is diagnostic, therapeutic, and paradigm-shifting work that makes permanent life improvements for the baby and the family.

birth psychology practitioners
birth psychology practitioners

About Karlton's Congress Session

On Thursday, October 19th, 2023 at APPPAH’s 40th Anniversary Congress, Karlton Terry hosted a day-long baby therapy workshop. Karlton trained with Dr. William Emerson, Dr. Paul Brenner, and Graham Farrant. We have a limited 24 seats available to keep the workshop intimate and within a safe relational field. 

This opportunity was like no other workshop offered before at an APPPAH Congress! We welcomed a family from Colorado who recently birthed a baby girl at the end of May. All of the healing principles of the pre and perinatal sciences we hold near and dear to our hearts are going to be put to practice. The possibilities that will unfolded had infinite potential, because Karlton takes details straight from the baby without taking many case history details from parents, except for knowing if the baby is IVF, C-section, or had a breech presentation.

Karlton’s methods and protocols to baby therapy represent the heart of the prenatal and perinatal sciences, and it is one of the most under-represented modalities in the medical arena, yet it carries the greatest implications for humankind. 

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How can I access this class?

This is an online workshop which requires access participate. Once you are registered, an email will be sent prior with a link for access.

Will recordings be available after the live sessions?
Yes, recordings will be available to session registrants only within the course, for a limited time.
What time zone will the course be using?
All live session times are for United States Eastern time zone.
Are refunds available?
Live Virtual Workshop Refund Policy: Refunds are available 30 days prior to the start of the live virtual workshop, minus a $25 administrative fee.  There will be no refunds available after the start date of the workshop. Recordings will be available for viewing after each session.